“Koinonia” in Como

You may be asking the question: "What in the world is “Koinonia” and what is it doing in Como?" Koinonia is the New Testament Greek word that means “fellowship, sharing , joint participation community, and communion.”.

Koinonia as fellowship is when people are recognized, share their joy and pains together, and are united because of their common experiences, interests and goals. Fellowship creates a mutual bond which overrides each individual’s pride, vanity, and individualism.

Koinonos means 'a sharer' as in to share with one another in a possession held in common. It implies the spirit of generous sharing or the act of giving as contrasted with selfish getting. When koinonia is present, the spirit of sharing and giving becomes tangible.

A powerful example of what “The first occurrence of Koinonia is Acts 2:42, “They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”

In this first Christian community Koinonia meant:

a. They shared possessions.

b. They shared themselves with one another.

c. They shared in the provision of Christ by the Holy Spirit.

d. They shared the provision of Christ with others.

e. They shared themselves with Christ as in a marriage relationship.


Throughout Scripture the meaning of Koinonia is fully described in the phrase

“one another”:


That is what true biblical “koinonia” or Christian fellowship should look like.

Scripture clearly points out that Christian fellowship is a key aspect of the Christian life. Believers in Christ are to come together in love, faith, and encouragement. Koinonia is getting together with other Christians, having fun, and sharing all that God is doing in their lives. Koinonia is being united in purpose, and serving alongside each other. Our Koinonia with each other is based on our common Koinonia with Jesus Christ. As those who are united with Christ, we are to share the life of Christ with one another in a way that results in individual and corporate spiritual growth.

 Clearly such Koinonia is not just a matter of attending a few meetings a week. It is much more than that. Christians are viewed as the body of Christ because we are spiritually united with Christ and with each other. Since we are members of one another, we need to relate to each other in a mutually interdependent way. We need to gather together so that we can authentically share the life of Christ with each other. But Koinonia does not just mean a close knit fellowship group. The first Christian fellowship or Koinonia believed that their true wealth and identity lay not in what they had, but in what they gave to others. Fellowship is never passive in the meaning of koinonia, it is always linked to action, not just being together, but also doing together. With Koinonia comes a deep enthusiasm to share the Good News of Christ with all we come in contact with.

 With God’s help and guidance, It is our mission at Como United Methodist Church to offer “Koinonia” in Como through authentic Christian Fellowship, Christ-Centered worship and self-less service.